Federal Upward Bound Programs

Federal Program: Upward Bound is a federal TRIO program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. This program is free and provides support to participants in their preparation for college entrance. The program provides low-income, first generation participants the skills and motivation necessary to complete their secondary education and to enter and succeed at a post-secondary institution. This is accomplished by providing the following services to 9th -12th grade students at target schools: personal and career counseling; academic advising; tutoring; exposure to cultural events; academic programs and other educational activities not usually available to disadvantaged youth; college campus visits; activites designed to acquaint youth with a range of career options; mentoring; and a six-week academic summer componet. UWMC, Continuing Education subcontracts with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to provide the summer session. The program is available only to students in grades 9-11 in two target school districts which include Wausau and DC Everest.

Eligibility: Students who enroll in the Upward Bound program must be first-generation college students or meet income eligibility guidelines.

  • Students must have interest and desire to attend college.
  • Students must be willing to fully participate in Upward Bound in the summer and during the school year.
  • Upward Bound gives preference to students who are willing to remain in the program through graduation from high school.
  • Upward Bound encourages diversity and invites applications from eligible students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Target Schools for Upward Bound: 

  1. Wausau East and West High School
  2. DC Everest Junior and Senior High

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DPI-WEOP Student Application:

WEOP has seven statewide offices: Ashland, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, and Wausau

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