State Talent Search Programs

DPI State Program: This broadly based, comprehensive statewide program is designed to seek students with academic potential from multicultural and disadvantaged backgrounds and encourage them to complete high school and go on to college. Individuals with ability who did not complete high school are also encouraged and advised by Wisconsin Education Opportunity Program (WEOP) counselors to earn a GED or high school diploma so they can go on to college or technical school.

WEOP counselors help students apply for admission and complete financial aid forms for post secondary institutions, visitations to college campuses, financial aid presentations to schools and community groups, and individual counseling sessions. Current scholarship information, college catalogs, brochures, and admission and financial aid forms are available in all WEOP offices.

WEOP counselors have the authority to recommend needy students (6-12 grade) for the DPI Precollege Scholarship; authority to nominate first time college freshman students for the Talent Incentive Program Grant (TIP) and recommend students for the GEAR UP Scholarship.

Target Schools for Talent Search: 

  1. Eau Claire School District-North
  2. Delong and Northstar
  3. Bayfield Middle and High School
  4. Ashland Middle and High School
  5. Wausau East High School
  6. Wausau West High School
  7. John Muir Middle School
  8. Horace Mann Middle School
  9. DC Everest Middle, Junior and Senior High

DPI-WEOP Student Application: